How to have a memorable corporate stretch tent event in Manchester

October 4, 2018
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Alarms set


It was an incredibly early start for us at White Rose Tents to set up the Autotrader family funday at Alexander Park in Manchester, but we still loved it – especially as we all went for a greasy spoon fry up afterwards.


Autotrader planned the event to reward all of their lovely staff for another successful year and put on a fantastic day for their employees and families.

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Getting organised


We set up two of our stretch tents and provided the flooring for a whopping 500 guests. Activities included a bouncy castle, test of strength, face painting, and of course a bar – what a great set up. If we weren’t so happy doing what we do, we’d be applying for any future positions at Autotrader.


Every event is different and that’s just one of the things we enjoy about our work. For this one we had to be in and out within the day, so we arrived on site at 5 am to have it all ready by 12 noon. The event was on until 9pm and needed taking down straight afterwards as the park is a public space.

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Manchester rocks


Instead of coming home to Yorkshire we spent the day having a great time in Manchester.


Alexander Park is a real beauty. £5 million has been invested over the last few years to restore it back to a beautiful community asset. The team had an ace time doing a spot of fishing and playing cricket, all followed by a refreshing brew at the park cafe – all in a day’s work…


We love putting on events like this where we can see our stretch tents being used for so much fun and frollicking. We supply lots of weddings, festivals and corporate events, so whatever you have in mind, we will certainly be able to help.


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Four simple steps for holding a stretch tent event

Step 1 Find an awesome place to hold you event – or tell us what you’re looking for and we can help

Step 2 We’ll check the space out and see which tents you’ll need

Step 3 Tell us about what you hope to create and let us arrange everything you need.

Step 4 Sit back and enjoy the spectacular event that you have created

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