Stretch tents are made out of a special slightly elasticated triple layered woven waterproof fabric

Poles with rounded tops push the tent up into position and are held in place by the strength and tensile strength of the material staked into the ground.


The light colour of the canvas gives a very light airy feel inside the tent even when the walls are brought down.

We currently stock five sand-coloured 10m x 15m stretch tents and a selection of smaller size tents 5m x 6.5m, 6.5 x 6.5m, 7.5m x 7.5m and 7.5m x 8.5m. These tents can connected together in a huge variety of combinations. They can also be arranged in L, T or C shapes. To add even more set up possibilities.

When we join the tents we make the join the peak of the tents and secure another piece over the top so rain can't get in.

They can even attached to buildings or other suitably solid objects. We drill and insert expanding bolts into masonry to attach the tent to.

Pole Plans/Capacity

The ‘canvas’ is 10m x 15m when set up as a canopy with no walls. When a wall is brought to the floor between 1.5m-2m is lost from the floor space where people can stand.  A 20 x 15m tent with both 15m walls and one 20m wall down leaves a useable floorspace of 17 x 12m.

Here are standard pole plans for a 10m x 15m tent. One with all the sides open and one with three sides down. There is some flexibility with where the poles go.

In terms of seating, in a 20mx15m tent (like the pole plan below)  with three sides down we have had 120 people on 6ft diameter round tables and 165 on straight tables for a sit down meal.

When set up as a canopy used for a dance tent there is space for 300+ people, minus production areas per 10m x15m tent.