Hire Items

Stretch tents

10mx15m and 7.5mx7.5m tent's available. These can be set up in various combinations and configurations. All our tents are a slightly of white creamy colour.

It's possible to rig multiple tent's together in a variety of combinations. A good way of envisaging potential set ups is to cut squared paper to scale and see the shapes you can make. See our what is a stretch tent for more information.

One consideration with stretch tents is that the size of the tent refers to it's size when set up as a canopy. Setting up the tent with the sides down makes you loose some of the space in the tent, approximately 1.5m of standing space per wall down.


Coir Matting/Coconut Matting

Coconut matting otherwise known as coir matting is our most popular option, made from spun coconut husks it is 100% biodegradable and very hard wearing. It comes in 2mx9m strips which we nail to the floor with a plastic underlay to prevent water seeping in. Coir matting is £400 per 10mx15m tent.

We can also provide brand new cord carpet in almost any colour. Generally they come in 4m rolls again, depending on colour and notice it’s between £350 and £500 per 10x15m tent.

From time to time we have cord carpet that is left in good condition from a previous booking. Contact us for availability and prices.

Sound & Staging

A variety of OHM PA equipment along with other complimentary items such as staging.

We can’t stand a bad soundsystem. Talk to us about what your planning and we can work out the best package for you. From live bands to DJs, we can make it sound right.

We mainly stock ohm equipment. They are a highly respected, high end brand and with good reason. We have complete TRS or BR systems available. Suitable for up to 500 people! Talk to us about your requirements and we can advise what will work best for you.


Live sound add ons such as mic’s with stands, mixing desks and effects units are available. We can even provide a sound engineer if needed.

DJ equipment

All the DJ equipment we stock is industry standard. If needed we also have contacts with a wide variety of DJ’s.

-Technics 1210s £80 per pair

-Pioneer CDJ1000 £80 per pair

-Pioneer DJM600 £40


We have 6 triangular pieces of stage 2.3mx2.5m. So we can make a variety of shapes. Three pieces is usually enough for a 4 or even 5 piece band.

£60 per piece

Lighting & Projection

Festoon Lighting, Fairy Lights, Outdoor Uplighting, Disco Lights, Projector, Truss, Inflatable Outdoor Lighting, Disco Balls

All our lighting comes with the wires needed for installation, assuming that there is a power supply close to the tent. If power needs running a long way to the tent, extra charges may be incurred.

Festoon lighting

Our festoon lighting has bulbs spaced every meter. With white bulbs its £1.20 per meter. Please contact us for a quote with different colours.

Fairy lights

All our fairy lights are soft white coloured and only suitable for interior use. 20 meters for £15.

Outdoor Uplighting

We have high powered 50/100 watt LED uplighters, great for uplighting trees or architecture or for bringing the interior of the tent to life. They can be set to fade through 16 colours or have a single colour wash including white. 50 watts may not sound like much but for an incredibly power efficient LED it is. A 50 watt LED is comparable in brightness to a 500w halogen light. These are £30/35 each.


Disco lights

We have a variety of plug in and play and DMX disco lights perfect for when the sun goes down and the dancing shoes come on.  Click on the links below to see videos of the lights in action.

Acme led Jive

Chauvet swarm 4 

Chauvet kinta X 

Stairville led bar 

Fx lab laser go18ed 


The Sanyo PLC XE 33 is a fabulous projector with a short throw making it easy to install within the tent. It can be projected onto the wall of the tent or we have a screen (see below). Get in touch for information about VJ presets. Projector £40.


We have a 3.5m truss with adjustable height and a projector screen underneath. This makes a great backdrop for bands or DJs and can be used to mount the lights. £50.

Inflatable outdoor lighting

This really does give the wow factor. Suitable for use outdoors there are 4 large spheres ranging from 4ft-6ft in diameter. They have flashing lights inside them and look great in the dark. They can be mounted in trees. £40 each.

Disco ball

We have very large 50cm professional disco balls complete with three spotlights. What party is really complete without one? £80.


Bunting, Lamp-Shades, Custom Signs, Drapes, Skate Ramp

Custom Design and Build service

We have some great artists and makers on our team who can custom design and make anything from signs, table plans and decorative items to entire themed backdrops. Let us know whatever you have in mind.


We have a variety of bunting available and even made to order, ranging from 30p-£1.50 a meter.

Lamp Shades

These are really nice in the tent; reclaimed standing lampshade frames of various shapes and sizes wrapped in ivy and fairy lights. £10 each or 12 for £100


Let us know your colour scheme, we have access to a wide variety of drapes.

Big Games

Looking for something to make your event stand out and to keep your guests entertained. Have a look at the selection of large games and activities.

Bouncy Castles

We have the choice of over 60 different bouncy castles to choose from. Click here to take a look at the selection.

Skate Ramp

We have a 8mx6m pneumatic half pipe on wheels! We need good access to get the ramp in and it can be set up underneath one 10x15m tent. Please contact for a quote.

Our Partners

Here are a few of the people and companies/places we have been very happy to work with.

remember-the-future.com– Great photographer.

Hannah Bunn Illustration and Design– Wonderful set design/artist.

www.peteismagic.com – Fantastic entertainer.

 This green moon - very nice venue outside Leeds on a organic farm